Sadie The Mermaid

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Sadie the mermaid is blissfully unaware that she has magic – but not for long.

She must learn how to use her Song Power fast, or die.

Set in The Wild Western Bays, a remote part of The Anderwhal Archipelago, Sadie And The Snow Globe is a plot driven mermaid fantasy of about 59,000 words.
Exciting and funny, the story combines the angst of adolescence with with frightening magic and heroic deeds.

This book is aimed at the 7-11 age group.

The Beautiful snow globe
Sadie, a young jade-green mermaid, has a six month trial to prove she is mature enough to manage her own Rock Pool.

All she wants, is to be a healer and learn Song Power. But Sadie has a big problem, her perfect, regal mother is due to inspect in five days and the place is a tip!

When Sadie finds a rare Air World snow globe, she is enchanted by it and the alluring treasure gets prime position in her collection. “Shake me. . . Rub me!” The globe coos.
Sadie’s friend Penstamon, a large boisterous prawn, thinks it is some kind of genie. Eventually the pair can’t resist and they rub for three wishes. To their horror a cold fog begins to envelop them and in no time they are trapped inside.

Sadie’s problems just keep on mounting. How will she get home, let alone impress her mother? To make matters even worse, the globe also holds others, an old Mer-woman called Lissa and her companion Patches, a fierce calico cat-fish.

Is Lissa a witch ?

Will her friend Nikko find them?

Who is The Globe Master and what does he want with them?
Nothing good that’s for sure.

Can they escape?
Is Sadie’s Song Power developed enough to save them?

Carachters from Sadie and The Snow Globe. Lissa, Patches and Mahlon
                  Lissa, Healer and herbalist                             Patches, ex Marine Patrol Sargent                            Mahlon, The Globe Master