Sadie The Mermaid
Images from The Wild Western Bays
I originally intended Sadie The Mermaid to be a series of picture books for young children. However, as the project advanced, it became a chapter book instead. Sadie and The Snow Globe.
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Brothers of The Lake
A traditional Maori tale of Wellington Harbour
I was approached to do the illustrations for this book which was produced as a fund raiser for a local kindergarten. I loved doing this story about two tanniwha brothers (Maori for monsters). You can order this lovely book here.
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SHREW Magazine
A Satirical magazine for women
This was the best fun I have had in my professional life. A group of three of us got together and wrote a satirical women's magazine. We hardly ever stopped laughing, except when print deadlines were looming! Even I became very quiet. I did all the layouts, some writing and most of the art work. We published for five months until we ran out of money - sigh!
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Other Illustration
A random sample of some of my favourites.
These are created in a range of media, digital; Photoshop, Coreldraw, Illustrator and Flash and watercolours etc. I enjoy most media.
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New Zealand Imagery
A variety of images inspired by our flora, fauna and lifestyle.
Many of these were made for eCards (all animated) and intended to emphasise a Southern hemisphere beach Christmas.
I have a particular love of birds.
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