I revel in detail and I believe in giving my work enough interest to keep the viewer involved for as long as possible, and hopefully coming back again
and again. I aim to intrigue and delight young viewers and create worlds that fire their inmagination, places they would love to visit and fully developed characters they can love, hate or fear. I believe children deserve my very best work.

It is so much fun making these images, I get completely absorbed. What would Sadie like to wear? (fashion design). How would Mahlon’s cave look? (interior design).  How can Mers drink liquid underwater? (product design).
If readers/viewers get even half as much pleaseur from my work as I do, I’ll be delighted.

Almost all my work is painted in Photoshop. I like to draw in pencil first, this gives the piece a hand drawn, personal look. I scan these drawings, then paint them in Photoshop. I will often brush paint elements of my work in watercolour, then scan those in, cut them out and use them in conjunction with the digital effects. I think the combination works well.

         pencil drawing             digital painting                               watercolour painting                                              the final assembly