Long Bio

There is always an up-side.
My maturity, has brought me a new found delight, grandchildren! The best grand-children in the entire universe—a-hem!
Actually I have to admit, that the impending birth of my granddaughter (almost 8 years ago) turned my life around.
Suddenly, I was faced with the prospect of a grandchild. That brought me up sharp! What did I have to offer this little relative? At that time, not much. So I began to think about who I wanted to be for this brand new person, and my reinvention process began.
I was determined to be a useful, fun, wise (crone) grandmother, to help, support and be a positive role model for her. My job as a crone is to empower her and to sprinkle a bit of magic here and there—vital!

Sadie’s arrival also heralded a new artistic direction for me. I created a rock pool frieze for her bedroom wall. (below) At first I hadn't thought of adding a mermaid, but it wasn't long before Sadie the Mermaid and her adventures began. In the six years since Sadie’s arrival, the concept has grown from one poster into a full blown world, complete with many characters, stories, hundreds of illustrations, maps, and mer-lore.

Sadie's Rock Pool. Full wall frieze

My Art History
A tiny, picturesque village in the Highlands of Scotland, was the idyllic home of my youth. By the time I was ten years old, I knew I wanted to go to art school. This idea was considered outrageous at that time, in that place. (Girls don’t go to art school! They are secretaries or nurses.) The more resistance I encountered, the more I made it my mission to get there. In this I succeeded (quite a fight, I can tell you) and gained a diploma in Art and Design, from Edinburgh College of Art (majoring in glass design). Not long after graduation, I moved to New Zealand with my Kiwi fiancé.
Roz Paterson
Between 1983 and 1986 I co-wrote and illustrated ten early reading books, which were published under the name of Caterpillar Capers, by Ashton Scholastic/Price Millburn (now Scholastic).

My creative experience and interests have spanned a very wide range, from graphics to interiors, stage sets to oil painting—I find it all exciting. I’d say my magnum opus is, a large-scale glass design for the award-winning refurbishment of Hawke’s Bay Opera House, Hastings, New Zealand.

I’m an illustrator at heart, and my work has been published in New Zealand and overseas. Whatever the discipline or scale, I am working in, the imagery usually ends up strongly pictorial. My love of illustration was kindled by the fantasy worlds created by such artists as; Arthur Rackham, Heath Robinson, Aubrey Beardsley and Maxfield Parish. See inspiration page.
Nowadays fantasy films, books and game/concept art are my preferred sources of inspiration. My main passion is creating images in Photoshop. This programme is now my drug of choice (could be a lot worse!) and I start to whimper when deprived for too long.

My Teaching Life
I spent seventeen years as a high school art and design teacher, with a few sorties into tertiary education. For me teaching is all about that moment when you see the "Ah Ha" look dawn on someone's face. Priceless!

My Writing Life
During 2002/3, I was co-creator of SHREW, a satirical women’s magazine. I wrote copy for, illustrated and designed the layouts for this publication. That was the best fun, our production meetings were hilarious.
Roz paterson extreme glamorous iorning, Te Mata Peak, Hawke's Bay NZ
(left) Extreme glamorous Ironing—one of our features.

I have notebooks and sketch books crammed with ideas in various stages of completion. And then came Sadie . . . Sadie and The Snow Globe is book one in the Sadie The Mermaid trilogy. This story is about a small mermaid who thinks she is far too ordinary, too small, to stupid etc., etc., etc.—of course, that is not the case.

I have begun work on book two in the series, Sadie and The Siren Sisters and book three, the big finale, (as yet untitled) is in the sketching stages.

As I have made so many pictures of this series, I decided to make an illustrated biography book.
Intended as a companion book or a standalone picture book in its own right, this is almost finished, and should be availlable soon on Amazon.

Writing and illustrating now takes up most of my time.
As someone once said, "I like it in my own world, no-one disagrees with me there!"
Sadie The Mermaid and Friends, bio's book preview> Mr. Gustavus and Seven.
Sadie The Mermaid and Friends - more info coming soon
I am in the process of finishing this picture book about all the characters from Sadie The Mermaid's world. I will post as soon as it is finished and available.

Please enjoy my Inspiration page