My Mother
It is only fitting to give my beautiful mother the first mention on my inspiration list, as it was through her eyes, that I first saw the magic in my surroundings. From an early age, my sister and I enjoyed nature rambles with Mum. (Oh, I know it’s a cliché, but such a good one).
Dad was a great one for car trips, so we were regularly bundled into the old station wagon, along with a picnic, tartan wool rugs and clothing for every possible kind of weather, and off we’d go. We’d visit lochs, moors, beaches, mountain glens and sometimes even relatives.

As well as teaching us about the trees, plants and birds (with common and Latin names) we saw, she also pointed out where fairies lived! A hole in a tree trunk was a fairy haven, a rotting tree stump - a miniature garden, and of course, rings of toadstools showed us where the fairies danced during the night. I was enchanted at an early age.
The header image is a homage to my Mum.

Below is a tiny selection of art works by people that have inspired me over the years. Some from childhood and others more recent.
I can't even begin to scratch the surface of the world of concept and fantasy art. There are so many stunning artists in this field. I spend hours looking at their work. If you have a bit of spare time, I highly recommend some Google searches in this area.
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Los Angeles Pool
When I was almost four, my family moved to Los Angeles. This bright land of warmth, sunshine and swimming pools was a very new experience for a little Scottish girl used to long, dark, snowy winters, and long, grey, rainy summers. (Actually it’s not that bad.)
We spent much of our time at the home of our American friends and sponsors. Joy of Joys, their entire back yard was a sparkling, turquoise swimming pool. This kidney shaped delight had a spring board at the forbidden end and three generous, semi-circular steps into the allowed end.
A small turquoise pool boat often bobbed lazily upon the sun spangled surface, or rested upside down on the side.

As I was having swimming lessons, and was pretty water confident, I spent a lot of time in the pool. Mum was reading us Charles Kingsley’s Water Babies, at the time. So, the three steps and the boat turned upside down on the bottom of the pool, became my Water Baby world. I would dive and swim around and around, a water-baby in my own sun-dappled, turquoise realm.
This is unquestionably where my love of all things aquatic began.
No prizes for guessing that my star sign is Pisces! Oh, and my favourite colour is turquoise.
Los Angeles 1962. Pool and boat
Me (back) and my sister.       The glorious LA pool complete with boat. I am amazed we had a photo!
Love the 60's togs!